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About Barbara

Yoga is My Passion

Barbara SimonBarbara Simon is not your average yoga teacher. With over thirty five years of experience teaching Hatha Yoga, she exudes a passion for the benefits of staying flexible, fit, and fabulous that is contagious.

At 5’ 3” with fiery red hair, Barbara has a kind, loving, and patient nature that makes her wildly popular with students, some of whom have studied with her for decades. The majority of Barbara’s classes are filled with “women of a certain age,” who benefit greatly from the gentle and individualized attention she affords each student. And they get to do yoga in a beautiful art gallery instead of a hot, crowded, noisy gym.

“Yes, I am a bit old-fashioned,” Barbara says.  “So my yoga is not your granddaughter’s yoga. This is not Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, or Booty Bouncin’ Yoga. My yoga gets back to basics to help you feel better about your body, to have a calmer mind, and to help with your overall happiness in life. You’ll remain flexible to avoid injury. I’ll improve your balance to help avoid falls. And we’ll work on ironing out those little kinks that come with being people of a certain age.”

Contact her today for information and with questions about how she can help you with your creaky parts.