Barbara Simon Yoga

Why Attend?

Barbara can fix your creaky parts!

This is not Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, or Booty Bouncin’ Yoga. My yoga gets back to basics to help you feel better about your body, to have a calmer mind, and to help with your overall happiness in life. You’ll remain flexible to avoid injury. I’ll improve your balance to help avoid falls. And we’ll work on ironing out those little kinks that come with being people of a certain age.

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Learn About Yoga

How can yoga benefit me?

I teach Hatha Yoga which is a set of gentle physical asanas or postures designed to align your muscles, bones and skin. You’ll develop flexibility, strength and feel more balanced. Working with your breath I’ll help you quiet your mind and be more present in the moment. Regular yoga results in better circulation, relief of lower back pain and reduced blood pressure. You’ll have less stress, feel more relaxed and sleep better.

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